Covid-19 Regulations

All students are required to wear a medical, KN95 or N95 mask throughout the school day, except while eating.

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Students must also take the following precautions when wearing their masks:

  • Ensure that the mask is placed over the mouth, nose, and chin.

  • Ear loops should be used to keep the mask secured.

  • The masks should not be pulled down to speak.

  • If a mask becomes wet or dirty, it should be replaced.

  • Disposable masks should be discarded after the first wearing.

  • Hands must be washed thoroughly with soap and water throughout the day.

What happens if a student tests positive for Covid-19?

In an effort to keep the school community safe, all Takoma Academy reported cases of Covid-19 will be shared with families, students, and staff. Parents are strongly encouraged to communicate with the Principal regarding their child’s exposure to the Covid-19 virus. 


Based on the recommendations of the CDC and  Maryland Department of Health, a student  who tests positive for COVID-19 must be quarantined for 5 days. The first quarantine day is the day after a student experiences symptoms  or a test has been completed.

What are the requirements for returning to school? 

If on day 6 the student continues to experience symptoms or has a fever, the student must remain at home until all symptoms subside. A negative rapid Covid-19 test must be submitted for re-entry.