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Great Day on WUSA9


"In Bright Mansions" -- Mamelodi SDA Church

Friendship Concert

Our WCG Experience!





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An excerpt from World Choir Games website:


The 10th World Choir Games are coming to Africa. More than 300 choirs and 16 000 participants from over 60 countries will be in Tshwane, the first host of Olympic Games of Choral music in the global south. 147 of these choirs are from South Africa.

This celebration will take place over two competition phases with competition performances, celebration concerts and legacy concerts at several venues across Tshwane.


Competitions at the World Choir Games

World Choir Games - The Champions Competition

This competition is designed for experienced choirs that have already proven their level of proficiency at other international competitions. The winners will be awarded Golden, Silver and Bronze Medals and each category winner gets the title and trophy “Champion of the World Choir Games 2018”.


World Choir Games - The Open Competition

This competition is open for every choir. It is designed for choirs of any level of proficiency and explicitly those without any or only little competition experience. The participants get to know their artistic level via the evaluation of the jury and are awarded a Golden, Silver or Bronze Diploma.