TA scholars


Building on Takoma Academy’s unwavering commitment to helping students realize their unique potential in all areas, Takoma Academy Academic Support Program emphasizes student ownership of the learning process. The program combines the most current knowledge of strategies for students with specific learning challenges with Takoma’s focus on developing independent learners and thinkers. This combined approach helps students to build both academic confidence and competence, important strengths for college and beyond.



Levels of Support


1) Evening Guided Study Hall

Guided Study meets 4 nights a week during scheduled evening study hours and is recommended for students needing a professionally-facilitated, structured, small-group setting to make good use of their study time. Trained professionals work directly with students to help them plan their time, initiate and complete assignments, develop good study habits, and provide academic assistance. In addition to providing tutoring in specific content areas, tutors also support and validate students’ efforts to initiate and complete their assignments to the best of their ability.



2) One-on-One Tutoring

Options for more targeted one-on-one tutoring (e.g., for specific assignments) are available upon request.