Takoma Academy COVID Policy 




Takoma Academy is excited about what the 21-22 school year will provide for our students. Our desire is to shift away from the restrictiveness in activities that we faced last year due to COVID.  We know that canceling and postponing social activities, while a necessity, has been a challenge to the TA  community  as we have known it to be. We look forward to gradually continuing with our outstanding spiritual programming and returning to social events, activities, and gatherings that foster a positive school climate.  With that expectation, please review below the plans for the health, safety, and wellness of our students, faculty and staff for the 2021-2022 school year.


It should be recognized - these plans may change at any time.  The following represents our current plan:


  • TA will continue to maintain close contact with and will follow the guidelines of Montgomery County/Prince George's County Health departments, state and CDC.


  • TA guidelines currently mandate that face masks be worn while at school or any school event by students and faculty.  


  • Following the CDC guidelines, if your child is planning to participate in sports and/or the Fine Arts Program we encourage that if eligible, be vaccinated against the COVID virus. Likewise, parents if you plan to assist in the school in any capacity we encourage you to also be vaccinated as well.  We recognize this is an individual decision that each family has the right to make in consultation with their health care professional.


  • Students who become ill and have symptoms that are consistent with the COVID virus will not be allowed to attend classes or activities and will be required to submit a negative COVID test before returning to classes or activities.


  • Students/Employees who are exposed to someone who has COVID, and who have not been vaccinated, will be required to quarantine based on the CDC guidelines.


  • Students will be expected to attend all classes in person unless other arrangements have been determined or approved by the administration.


  • If the school/building were to close for a few days due to COVID, TA will follow the CDC guidelines

    • In case of extended disruption for the entire school or class, we may go to virtual learning during that time.


  • In the case of individual quarantine, we will leave it to the discretion of our teachers on how to incorporate elements of remote learning.


Principal Keith Beckett