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Takoma Academy is a college preparatory, co-educational secondary day school operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and is one of 7,579 Adventist educational institutions around the world. This includes 5,371 elementary, 2,050 secondary (high school), 44 Worker Training Schools, and 114 colleges and universities [as of 2014]. The physical plant includes a large chapel seating 370 students and one of the largest gymnasiums in the state. There are three well-equipped science rooms/ laboratories, spacious classrooms, a bookstore, cafeteria, and music rehearsal hall. The recreational facilities include complete locker rooms for men and women, an outdoor multipurpose playing field and a 400-meter running track.






Takoma Academy is a Seventh-day Adventist high school welcoming all races, cultures, and religions; leading young people to Jesus Christ, providing excellence in academics and a commitment to service.

Empowering learners for everlasting service.


Our campus occupies approximately 16 acres of land just outside the city limits of Takoma Park, Maryland, at 8120 Carroll Avenue. The northwestern boundary of Washington, D.C. is just one mile from the school. Takoma Academy is near the center of political, cultural, religious, and economic life. Montgomery County’s Ride-On buses stop in front of the school, which means that students have convenient access via Metro, Washington’s rapid transit system.





The school was founded in 1904 as part of the Washington Training Institute (now known as Washington Adventist University). Takoma Academy became a separate institution as part of the Potomac Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in 1932. In 1952, the school moved from the basement of Columbia Hall to its present location on Carroll Avenue.   


Takoma Academy has a rich tradition of being a strong academic institution with a commitment to the spiritual development of its students. True education involves every phase of a person’s existence, both in the present life and in the life to come. 






Takoma Academy was established to meet the educational needs of church members in the Washington, D.C. 

area. Although the school has always accepted non-Adventist members, its primary purpose is to be a part of the 

Seventh-day Adventist educational system. Its goal is to produce contributing, dedicated church members 

prepared to live as Christian citizens in today’s society.



To help students view their talents and abilities as gifts from God which should be developed and used to glorify Him and benefit others. 


  • To help students live as practicing Christians in today’s society.


  • To encourage students to discover God’s purpose for their lives.


  • To enable students to develop personal values that will encourage practical growth as Seventh-day Adventist  Christians.




  • To encourage students to achieve academic excellence in all disciplines to the best of their abilities while  recognizing that students have different interests and talents.


  • To enable students to develop skills that will help them function successfully in society.


  • To create an environment that encourages students to think for themselves.




  • To develop Christian principles of love by promoting respect for, concern for and service to others.


  • To develop a community in which individuals of different races, economic backgrounds, beliefs, cultures    and abilities can work and live together.


  • To discipline in a way that respects the student as a person of worth and encourages responsible decision-making and self-discipline.


  • To provide positive models of social activities and leisure time.




  • To encourage students to develop a respect for the body as a gift from God that should be maintained at an optimum level. 


  • To encourage students to develop positive interaction through physical activities.


  • To encourage students to develop personal health and fitness goals that will contribute to the holistic lifestyle of Seventh-day Adventists.