Human beings have five distinct areas of their person. These distinct areas are spiritual, physical, social, mental, and emotional. It is the objective of the Takoma Academy athletic department to provide the opportunity for each student who participates in athletics to grow and mature in these five areas. In order for this objective to be achieved, a high level of self-discipline will be developed and expected by our student-athletes. This self-discipline will involve adherence and respect for the rules and regulations of the athletic department and its coaches.


The rules of the athletic department are in place to promote safety and order for all participants. Students, parents, and supporters need to remember that participation in athletics is not a right, but privilege that needs to be regulated for the success of the program and team first, and then the individual; not the other way around. It is also realized that student-athletes at Takoma Academy are role models, and that they are influential in the student body as well as in the community. Their conduct, while representing a school team, is seen as a direct reflection upon Takoma Academy. The policies of the athletic department follow under the guidelines set forth in the Takoma Academy Student Handbook. Student-athletes need to be aware that violations may carry consequences that extend beyond their sport and even the beyond the school year.







Alumni Athletes in the News:

  • Tony Skinn - 10th Anniversary of George Mason's Final Four run