Takoma Academy has a tradition focused on developing the complete student. Helping them to understand their commitment to God and how that impacts their responsibility to share the gospel message of the Lord’s eminent return.


The character of Christ and selfless service is the core in which all other aspects of our school gain their purpose. Our belief is that Christ’s example while He was on earth gives our students a standard and purpose to fulfill a greater mission than they could have imagined out of their own will.


As educators we endeavor to develop each young person to maximize their God-given talents through academics, extracurricular activities (athletics, art, and music), outreach projects, evangelism, and differentiated learning.


While students discover the difference and utilize their talents, we assist them in finding opportunities to make a difference.  Our students embrace these challenges and core values that we represent and lead a reform that will serve to advance the sharing of the gospel message.


We believe that every student that enrolls in Takoma Academy was placed here by God for a purpose.  As our students seek to fulfill their purpose, we appreciate the opportunity to partner with you, the family, on this part of their success journey.